Entry #52

What Even Is This Place

2017-02-21 04:26:59 by LinkTCOne

Oh gosh, I'm really sorry you guys. I've neglected Newgrounds of late. This is mainly due to being swamped with client work trying to save up for my bike & masters degree, so unfortunately personal projects have taken a back seat...three cars behind.


But hey, I've got a little shitty short in the works (maybe a month away) and an rotoscoped music video (maybe less than that) and then the Pokemon animation to finish up, which has some really great background work done by Zeedox!


Check out some gifs yo!





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2017-02-21 08:31:52

"little shitty short"
Say that 5 times fast.

LinkTCOne responds:

I can't I'm so sorry.


2017-02-22 00:05:02

that music video looks sweet

LinkTCOne responds:

It's been super fun to work on!