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What Even Is This Place

2017-02-21 04:26:59 by LinkTCOne

Oh gosh, I'm really sorry you guys. I've neglected Newgrounds of late. This is mainly due to being swamped with client work trying to save up for my bike & masters degree, so unfortunately personal projects have taken a back seat...three cars behind.


But hey, I've got a little shitty short in the works (maybe a month away) and an rotoscoped music video (maybe less than that) and then the Pokemon animation to finish up, which has some really great background work done by Zeedox!


Check out some gifs yo!





2016-10-24 06:28:15 by LinkTCOne

Before I release my big pokemon animation at the end of the year, I put together this quick entry for this years Spooktacular! Bite Sized Horror Vol. 3. Check it out!



It's been a while, for that I apologise, I've been working full time as a Graphic Designer and the last few animations I've made have been Yogscast Animated ones, which don't seem to do very well on Newgrounds, the good news is I'm working on a Pokemon animation right now (a 'serious' one - and not about Pokemon Go!) which will be released on Newgrounds first! I've also been creating Adobe Suit tutorials (with a big Animate CC series planned when Adobe fix some brush bugs on the Surface) so if that's your bag: BOOM.

You can follow along with my progress on the Pokemon Animation here:

I stream whenever I can, hopefully you can catch one, in the meantime, here's a gif to some of the linework - it's a long way off, but I should be releasing a trailer (first 30 seconds of Episode 1) in a few weeks!

Big love,



Dumb Stuff Our Cat Does

2016-03-07 06:14:41 by LinkTCOne

So the next series I'll be workin on is a bunch of animations about all the dumb stuff our cat does. She's called Phoebe, she's never caught a mouse, she constantly falls off of stuff that anything should be able to walk across, and if she could spell IQ it'd be a single figure total. 

But we love her, here's the first animation:

And here's a gif from the one I'm working on:

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Big love.

LinkTCOne XX.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update to say Mine Piggy Valentie is out, and I'm very sorry. Enjoy.


OH GOD. One week left...

Ok you guys, there's only one week left until I release Mine Piggy Valentine and all of you unsub from me because you realise I'm a sick bastard...

No but really - it was super fun doing a project this stupid and tasteless. I hope you guys enjoy it too. For those who don't know what it is, I'm making a Valentine's Music Video for a guy called Mattokamus, who wrote a Minecraft Song about a man who falls in love with a pig, and it gets pretty...well yeah.

Then again this is the internet, so compared to the dark side of the web it's pretty tame.

If you don't know what on earth I'm talking about then check out this behind the scenes video/series here:


Ok you buffoons, see you on Sunday for it's release. HAPPY VALENTINES!

Love each and everyone of you as if you were a juicy little piggy.


Hi All! I'm back with another Making Of video, decided to keep these on Youtube for now and keep Newgrounds free of fluff by only uploading the final animations!

In anycase, enjoy! This time we take a look at lipsyncing.

Big Love,

Link Xx

Hey all! I'm back with another progress report and behind the scenes video on Mine Piggy Valentine!

Things are moving swifly on and I've finished a reasonable chunk of the animation, however there's a lot still to go! I think I've roughly done a quarter or so of the animation. In the mean time, check out this behind the scenes video explaining (badly my thought processes).

Big Love,

LinkTCOne Xx


I'm back with the first Behing The Scenes video for my next animation which finally has a name:

Mine[craft] Piggy Valentine!

In this episode I talk you through my thought process whilst creating the backgrounds, check it out:

If you think I should upload this sort of thing to Newgrounds, or just stick to the main animations here, then let me know!


Big Love,

LinkTCOne. Xx

Hi All! 

Work has begun on the Valentine's minecraft song, we're still unsure of a name, I like: Be Mine(craft)

Get it? Like Minecraft but also Mine just by itself? Ooohh I'm funny. Here's some screenshots:




Cool. Speak to y'all soon.

Love LinkTCOne.